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January 2017 update

As you will see from the front page I am keeping my teaching and lecture commitments at a low level this year.  Bookings that were already confirmed and in the diary will, of course, stand.

3 February             The Corner Patch, Eccleshall

15 March                 The Corner Patch, Eccleshall

17 March                 The Corner Patch, Eccleshall

1 May                       Bourne Quilters

4 May                       Goosey Quilters

5 May                       South West tour

6 May                       South West tour – SW Quilters Sourton

7 May                        South West tour – Tresillian

8 May                       South West tour

9 May                      South West tour

11 May                      Shenstone Quilters

17 – 21 May              Quilts UK

22 May                     Hardy Quilters

23 May                      Enstone WI

25 May                      Hannahs Room

27 September          Saltway Quilters

29 September          The Corner Patch

4 October                 The Corner Patch

6 October                  The Corner Patch


10 September 2016

I have cancelled all teaching and lecture commitments for the remainder of this year – my husband has been seriously ill with a lengthy recovery predicted and I need to be able to do the best for him.



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